August Event Information

The chapter has important information regarding our scheduled event at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for August. The hospital has been a great host for this event for many years but has not opened up to outside events yet due to the current virus situation. We understand and respect this decision. The chapter is currently looking in to opportunities to provide education and credits online. Please check back for more information.

Summer Chapter Connect Available!

This issue includes:

KD Davis President’s Message

Chapter Championship Review and Photos

Colonial PGA Event Press

Anthony Williams CGCS, CGM
There’s always a way

USGA – John Daniels
Don’t be afraid to go around in circles

Steve Wolfard
Another punch in the golf stomach

Bud White
Grooming – Final piece of the pie

TTA Summer Conference
GIS 2021 – Rhett Evans

Bully Cup XXIV!

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